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 Blight.usa is no more!

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PostSubject: Blight.usa is no more!   Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:41 pm

Blight.usa disbands
Korok, the ex-leader of Blight.usa has announced that he's leaving Blight, along with PAINTITGOLD and OwNaGeJuiCe

Although the end of Blight was a peaceful one, PAINTITGOLD's reply on North American DotA Syndicate's forums suggested internal struggle within the team, more specifically, with Mikey and Kapz. Considering his post also mentions polar bears and using his nose to type, this might be of arguable seriousness.

OwnaGeJuiCe mentioned moving to Heroes of Newerth, but it is unknown if the rest will move on with him.

What will happen to Kapz and desRow, who are all that remains of Blight.usa, the future will have to tell. There is no statement so far that anyone's retiring from DotA completely, so we might expect to see ex-Blight members recruited for some other team (possibly clashing against each other?). Everyone seems to be wishing them the best of luck, so we might as well!
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Blight.usa is no more!
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